DIY Blueberry Facial Wash

I noticed that my skin seems to be breaking out more than usual  (post-period effects); hence I decided to make my own Blueberry Facial Wash. Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants. They help with blotchy skin and acne problems.  Who knew almond milk is filled with nutrients including vitamin E to help maintain a well balanced look. Hold off on those Vitamin E creams, almond milk has a high level of it. You can have restored skin and reverse the effects of sun damage in just seconds with this DIY facial. Can’t forget the cinnamon! It fights acne, blemishes, and leaves your skin with a glowing youthful complexion. Rice is great for those summer days when you get sunburn. It helps to cool your skin off for flawless skin.

All of the ingredients are beneficial for your skin. Hold off on buying those expensive creams, and make a simple recipe using only 4 ingredients. If you have any extra facial wash, refrigerate it. I recommend using it within 2 days for the best skin results.

What you’ll need:


Pour ingredients into a nutibullet and blend until desired consistency.



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90’s pop music is back…one more time


90’s pop is back again with Kulkid’s exclusive remix of Britney Spear’s Baby One More Time gaining over 22,000 hits on SoundCloud. French producer Kulkid is a bundle of talent that remakes every single genre of music including hit songs, “Young & Beautiful”( Lana Del Ray) “Hold On, We’re Going Home” (Drake) and “Flume” (Bon Iver) just to name a few. Each remix gets better & better. Click one more time for a fun-upbeat-dancey-edgy dance party!

Climb to new MTNS


Indie trio MTNS latest video “Salvage” shows the members (Tom, Joseph, and Robbie) in front of nature scenes oceans, mountains, & clouds. It’s a pop electronic mellow piece with a clever hook “put your feet back on the ground and just start walking.” It’s a happy feel good tune that will make you want to climb mountains. A slice of electronic-pop topped with soulful low-key tones over high-pitched vocals for a chill vibe.



Do The-Drums


Two member duo The-Drum’s released a remix of “Don’t” (Mirror Talk) a electricfying feel good time warp song that doesn’t last long enough. “Dont” has an addictive sex appeal that enters a new dimension of music with spacey-high pitched tunes with glaring r & b overtones. Too bad all good things must come to an end.

Sibille Attar makes you wanna dance!


Sweden solo pop electra artist Sibille Attar releases her single “Julian! I Want to be a Dancer!” a bright happy pop song with just enough melodies & lyrics. It’s full of light drumming with her beautiful melismatic tone. Sibille speaks from her heart about “wanting to be a dancer.” The intro is like an old radio playing…asking what she wants? to live or to dance? It’s clear what she picked & has persuaded us all. Sibille will release her first full-length album in 2014. Stay tuned!