Product Reviews

Detox with Choice Teas

Choice Teas makes a line of USDA organic teas. Whether you're looking for a beauty detox, immune system boost, or a herbal tea blend, they have you covered. Each of their high quality teas, smells heavenly, and you'll feel better with each sip. 

Superb Smoothies

For people who are constantly on the go, superb smoothies comes in a pre-made pouch. With freeze dried mango, kiwi, and spinach with chia seeds, you'll have a smoothie ready in minutes. You can use almond milk, apple juice, or even orange juice.

San Gennaro Feast

For a first timer at the San Gennaro Feast, the pasta award goes to a family owned Italian restaurant called Cuoppo with Southern Italy inspired dishes. The penne vodka was slightly creamy and sprinkled with fresh Parmesan cheese. Manja! 

Truly Good Foods

Truly Good Foods is a women run company that originated in 1977. With an assortment of nuts, garden chips, and healthy on-the-go snacks, you can easily find a snack you love. Try the green bean snacks, which are high in fiber and give you that extra crunch to get through the day. If you want added protein to your diet, the buffalo nuts brand come in ranch, blue cheese, and honey roasted flavors. Happy snacking.

Mad Hippie

Worrying about wrinkles or dry skin, Mad Hippie has a line of all natural skin products with only a few pronouncable ingredients. Our favorites are the Vitamin C Serum, Exfoliating Serum, Antioxidant Facial Oil, and Face Cream. You can immediately feel and see the difference without the heavy burden of animal product residue. It's that hippie love!

Lily's Sweets

For all you vegan lovers craving non-dairy chocolate, Lily's Sweets has a variety of flavors but the Dark Chocolate with almonds is by far the winner. You can add it on top of your ice cream or use it as a filler for the perfect s'mores recipe. We recommend Dandies marshmallows, leave the animal gelatin behind. Who said being dairy-free is hard?