A ‘Hidden Gem’ in Arizona…


I took a trip to Arizona last week and it was absolutely amazing. I visited Sedona, The Grand Canyon, and Tuscon. One of my favorite ‘hidden gems’ was The Tuscon Mineral and Gem World Store. The worker was originally from Brooklyn and a totally knowledgeable mineral miner. It’s a family owned store, which started in 1968 and continues to wow people until this day.

Each gem and crystal is specifically picked for quality. It describes what features each individual piece is known for. Visit the site to see what I’m talking about. Look here…I’m not kidding.

Many of the New Age and Holistic followers come here to find their perfect stone.  For instance, Emerald is used for both physical and emotional healing. Reiki practitioners often purchase crystals, pendulums, and use them for healing.

Check out this hidden gem if you’re ever in the wild wild west!

Enter the store for more gems..



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