Goodness greens!

Mixed Greens is home to the salads full of green goodness as soon as you enter. You can easily make your own salad with over 50 toppings including a selection of fresh vegetables, grains, and lean proteins. Don’t worry vegetarians and vegans, we got you covered, make your own meatless and dairy-free salad. The inside is full of bright paintings and plants to go with the main message, “we like greens.”

I ate the ‘The Mediterranean’ salad which is made with mixed greens and plenty of toppings. It has falafels, lemon hummus, tahini, olive tapenade, roasted peppers, greens, and a side pita bread. I paired it with ‘Spinach Lentil’ soup which contains lentils, spinach, carrots, and onions. Grab a juice to go. I loved the fresh squeezed juices and my personal fav was the M.G. loaded with kale, spinach, pear, and a granny smith apple.

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