New year, new me!

I know it’s a overly used saying, “new year, new me” but I am ready to transform my life and move forward. Not just in my career, but in my relationships, my mindset, and my goals.

Last night, I listened to Trent Shelton‘s Facebook live feed and he said that you need to trust in God to work out any situation. Think with your mind, not your emotions. “If you want a better world, create a better you.”

Today I started eating healthier again. I made a blueberry infused smoothie using non-dairy milk, frozen blueberries, peanut butter, Coconut Greens, and hemp protein. I already feel more energized already.

Visualize what you want and know that you are worthy of receiving these great gifts. I want to inspire people around me and let them feel a positive energy.

Goals 2017

  • I want to become more fit and active. Participate in a marathon (eventually) and be tone. Life heavier weights and become The Hulk.
  • Travel to more places. (Sweden, Australia, Norway, Europe, I hope!)
  • Be present in the moment. Focus and don’t get too caught up with what’s next
  • Spend more quality time with family and friends
  • Read and write more. (Write a book!)
  • Be successful in my career. Network and meet more people from my blog.
  • Meditate and do reiki more. Simplify life & become more organized.
  • Smile often and let things go that no longer serve me purpose.
  • Love more. Find true genuine love.

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