Fighting the cold fast…naturally

I felt a cold coming on last Thursday and I dreaded the whole being sick act. Often, it takes me a week to just recover from the common cold. My nose was runny, my ears were ringing, and I felt extremely exhausted for no apparent reason. I debated going to the doctor or trying to find a remedy.

Doctors just prescribe to make the symptoms subside without actually getting to the core problem. Whole foods was my doctor; I knew I would find something to kill this fight since it was just the beginning.

I had no idea what to get. I decided on Urban Moonshine‘s Immune Zoom First Response created by a herbologist with certified organic herbs including echinacea, raw honey, cinnamon, ginger root, and cayenne extract. It’s fast acting and amazing. Take consistently every 2-3 hours and guaranteed you will feel better immediately!

I also highly recommend Herb Pharm Mullen Garlic ear drops, which helps with ear pain and naturally works to cleanse the ear against infection.


Naturally remedies that actually work. Woohoo!




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