Almond French Toast

I need to make this!

Kitchen Operas


This is my go-to French Toast recipe.  It came about after I made an amazing dessert for Christmas dinner a couple years ago with poached pears and a cream cheese topping that had both vanilla and almond extract added to it.  The combination wowed me, and it sprung to mind when I made a French Toast breakfast a few days later.  Ohhhh yess, perfection.


I don’t normally need a certain brand in any recipe, but I no longer make French Toast with anything besidesAce Bakery Organic Granary bread.  I keep a loaf of it in the freezer so that if people stop by for breakfast I always can put something together.  It’s a glorious whole wheat loaf with tons of nuts and seeds — to my mind, the sunflower seeds are the best part.

And my dear friend, Pemma, is a super-fan of this recipe.  In fact, she special-requested…

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