Setting daily intentions

Every morning, it’s important to set daily intentions even if they’re as simple as giving someone a compliment.  Before you get out of bed, set at least 7 intentions. For instance, you will have a fun and productive day. You must visualize the situation as you would like it go. Send good energies and positive thoughts into whatever you may encounter. Tell yourself you will learn new things, meet new people, and discover beauty in everything you encounter. Buddist religions are founded on living in the present moment by “being” fully aware. The Buddah’s Four Noble Truth teaches us to do no harm to others, be loving, and kind to everyone.


  1. Set clear intentions and write them down.
  2. Share your intention with a loved one.
  3. Plant seeds in your daily intentions.
  4. Turn negative situations into positive ones.

Love always, Christa Alexis


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