Understanding Auras

Auras can be defined as “a body of light” that surrounds a person or object. It is often said that each color relates to the person’s personality traits. Have you ever walked into a room and gravitate towards a person> They just seem to ‘glow.’ Auras are oval-shaped electro-magnetic energies. Reading auras take time and practice. Here are simple ways to understand auras.

1) Open up your awareness to colors and accept it. Sense the auras around you. Start to understand how you feel around certain people.

2) Listen to a persons thoughts via their aura. Ex: A bright aura means the person is being truthful, yet a gray or dark aura says they’re being dishonest. People who are spirtual usually have a yellow halo around their head.

3) Each color has a specific meaning. Each of the colors have different shades if they’re darker than it refelcts a negative aura. Red: Heart. Postive: Healthy Ego. Negative: Anger/Agression. Orange: Emotions. Positive: Creativity. Negative: Addictions. Yellow: Life Energy. Positive: Easy Going/Optimisim. Negative: Control Issues. Green: Lungs. Positive: Growth/Balance. Negative: Jealousy. Blue: Throat. Positive: Caring/Loving. Negative: Fearful. Violet: Pineal Gland. Positive: Self-Attunement. Negative: Lacking Spirtual Side. Silver: Root. Positive: Abundance. Negative: Insecurity. Gold: Enlightenment. Positive: Guided. Negative: Lost. White: Purity. Positive: Honesty (Angels)



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