Christa Alexis chats with holychild


Experimental pop artist holychild released their remix of “Best Friends” today from NYC Producer DADO with even more energy than the original version. The duo Liz and Louie filmed it from their Iphones. Christa Alexis catches up with the Los Angeles based artists below!

Q & A with holychild

Explain the process of songwriting.

Songwriting in holychild tends to be a part by part, case by case situation. However Liz usually arbitrates the majority of the lyrics, while I do such for the majority of the production of the songs in the studio.

Why did you choose “Watching Waiting” as your first single?

At the time we thought it was representative of where we were at sonically. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book “Tender Is the Night” influenced a lot of the lyrics, which in turn, influenced much of the concept of the music video we wound up shooting for it.
Where did the idea for the “Best Friends” song/video come from?

The song is actually commentary on relationships between women, though it’s definitely ironic in it’s approach. The idea for the video came from the desire to mix something beautiful and fun (such as the location) with weird and creepy images.

Who do you hope to tour with in the future?

Kimbra! Or anyone else who puts on a badass fun show! We’re not picky, as long as the songs and musicianship is strong.

What can fans expect from your debut album this fall? How would you describe the album?

We feel like our new material is not terribly different than what we’ve already put out on YouTube. If anything, the writing and production style on these new jams are more polished. Basically, if you’ve dug the noise we’ve already made, you’ll probably dig this new noise too.

Anything else you’d like to add?

We’re so stoked to release our new songs and tour the east and west coasts this fall! We have so much to share!

–Christa Alexis


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