Clubfeet chats with Christa Alexis!


Melborn’s five piece band, Clubfeet is taking over the Australian airwaves with their album Heirs & Graces. “Cape Town” is electro groovy synth-pop with a dash of disco-dance, floating percussions, and a blend of bouncy rhythms. Clubfeet’s last video “Everything You Wanted” went viral with over 400,000 views. Check Christa Alexis’s interview with the band below.

How would you describe “Cape Town?”

It’s a homage to the city itself, where Sebastian and I spent a lot of our youth. We also did some writing for Heirs & Graces there as a group. Well, more like partying with a touch of writing! It’s an amazing place, a clash of the first and third worlds. Highly recommended for a summer jaunt.

 Who are your greatest inspirations?

Peter Gabriel, Peter Dinklage, Pete Doherty, Peter Andre….I’ve run out of Peters.

“Everything You Wanted” went viral with over 400,000 views, what was your initial reaction?

We were pretty blown away by the response. That was one of the last songs we added to the album and we didn’t initially pick it as a single…We had to shoot the whole thing in one take and all our movements had to be synched to the song but at double speed. I think we lost an umbrella per take!

What are your short and long term goals?

Short term we plan to get super healthy and lithe and tanned. Long term we plan to undo all of this good work and replace it with medication, surgery and therapy.

Will you guys release more songs in the US? If so, what can fans expect?

We hope so! We’re thinking of doing a sped up ‘Orinoco Flow’ style trance album. Although doing a cheesy reggae album is also pretty enticing.

What’s next for Clubfeet?

We’re doing a national Australian tour through July and August to support the new single and then we’re hoping to make our way to the US and the UK to support the release of the album in those territories. Exciting times.

Credits: Christa Alexis


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