Unlock your third eye power

The third eye is know for psychic and intuitive abilities. It’s also often called the pineal gland, which explores the realms of higher consciousness. In order to strength this area, people can meditate, pray, and chant on a daily basis. Here’s simple steps to unlock  your full third eye potential.


1) Detoxify your pineal gland. Eat organic foods and products. Drink raw lemon juice, drink 3 tablespoons raw apple cider vinegar in water, consume half a bulb of garlic.

2) Drink water with gemstones all day. Amethyst, tourmaline and tanzanite can be placed in water for a few hours. The water will take on the healing properties of the stone. 

3) Listen to Solfeggio Harmonies, 9 frequencies using numerology and Gregorian and Sanskrit Chants to create positive shifts in awareness. Click here for the pineal gland activation song.

4) Visit art museums, engage in star gazing, read books about increasing intuition and psychic abilities. Recommend read: The Gift: Understand and Develop Your Psychic Abilities


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