Letting Go

We’ve all been through heartbreak, unhealthy relationships, and bad friendships. The time is now to let go and move forward. Trust yourself and know that each person or situation you’ve encountered taught you a lesson.

1-bottle-containing-message-floating-in-sea-sami-sarkisPhoto Credit: fineartamerica.com

1.) Acknowledge your feelings and admit them. Take the time to process your emotions. Don’t let another person determine your self-worth. You’re awesome and beautiful.

2.) Understand why. If the reoccurring feeling is still in your head, then quite frankly you’re still attached to it. Think of it like this…What are you holding on to? (Bad habits, a person, desires, safety and controlled thoughts)

3) Shift the attention to yourself. Always Put YOU first. You’re the number one priority. Care for your mind, body, and spirit. Pamper yourself and continually use positive self talk, “You’re beautiful. You’re confident. You’re capable of achieving any dream…etc.” Take care of yourself with a healthy raw/organic diet, exercising, meditating and deep breathing.

4) Practice Gratitude. Think of  all the things you use on a daily basis… a computer, money, a car, your body and say ‘thank you’ for each one. You will begin to feel great about the simple joys of life.

5) Talk to family and friends on the daily. The best way to reflect upon your feelings is to discuss it with people you care about. Listen to their feedback and know that you have a great support team behind you.

Tip: Look forward and live in each moment. The past is in the past. The present is when you live and embrace each second of the day. The future is the visions and goals you will achieve. Don’t let anyone bring you down.

Love Love Love Love ❤


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