Calling all chocolate addicts…

Chocolate lovers keep indulging in the sweet candy. If you’re like me, I’m addicted to all types of chocolate: milk, dark, peanut butter, etc. Although dark chocolate seems to be the healthiest. Follow these steps and put your chocolate to good use.


1) Treat yourself to a small amount on the daily. 1-2 small pieces gives you a taste of the sweet little treat! (If you’re like me, I tend to want to eat the whole bar…)

2) Choose healthier alternatives: Newman’s Own Organic, Theo & Jane Goodall, Endangered Species Chocolate and plenty of other enriched chocolates!


3) P.S. eat chocolate before working out and you tend to have a longer workout time! (Proof, I tried it today and I worked out for over 2 hours…normally I’m at a 30 minute mark.)

4) Chocolate boosts your mood and apparently makes you smarter!

Keep eating chocolate. It prevents women from having strokes, strengthens the heart and even helps lower cholesterol. The only trick is to eat it in moderation. Studies show that people who eat more chocolate have lower BMI and tend to maintain a healthy stable wealth.


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