Roxiny releases her debut EP!

Roxiny is a new electro-pop artist that has been featured on MTV for her latest video, “Belong.” Last week, her first EP Qoya dropped with five songs, “Headlights,” “Karma,” “Cheree,” “Belong” and “Qoya.”  Roxiny blends pop-reggae-hip-hop into one laid back mix tape. Slow, soothing and simple lyrics for the ultimate dance party.


Headlights is a electro-club tune singing, “You look familiar. Another time. Another Place.” Karma is exactly what the title implies, what goes around…comes around. Cheree is a hit right off the back with a relaxing Jamaican-reggae- beat; it almost feels as if she’s singing at beach. Give it a listen.

Christa Alexis favorites: Belong and Cheree.

Tweet her up @Roxiny

Check out the video for “Cheree” below.


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