JT is back with ’20/20′ album

The little goofball known as Justin Timberlake first started singing and dancing on the Mickey Mouse Club. Famously known as the hottest N*SYNC member, solo artist, actor and a popular guest on SNL; JT has  done it all.


Set to release on Tuesday, “The 20/20 Experience'” will be worth the hype and six year wait from his last album “Future Sex / Love Sounds.” The length of JT’s new tracks linger for more than seven minutes per track inducing indie style beats, soulful lyrics and club like melodies. It’s a funky album. Incorporating a mix of classic 70’s appeal of Curtis Mayfield/Marvin Gaye, hip-hop, pop, dance and African/Indian inspired beats.

“Suit and Tie” the hit first single is a club and pop fusion with rapper Jay-Z appearing on the track. “Mirrors” starts with electro hooks, a laid-back vibe and infectious chorus with a ‘mirror’ being a simile for his girl. “Pusher Lover Girl” is a beautiful ballad that transcends into a reggae-rock-pop song, JT singing “All I want is you babe.” A top song on the album, “Spaceship Coupe” is a smooth slow love song with references to astrology and outer-space galaxies with electrifying solo guitar riffs.

images4.5 Stars

The 32-year-old singer and songwriter reaches new heights on “The 20/20 Experience” with producer/writer Timbaland. JT dives into new genre realms. Available for free steaming on iTunes now.


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