Spring Fashion Forward Trends

Spring is all about bright colors, funky patterns, grunge and gypsy inspired looks with with lots of overly sized accessories. It’s time to break out the shades and kick back into the new season. Go big and bold. Check out my top 5 picks below.

1) Wide shaped shoulder pad dresses

Suggestions: Pair with a brightly colored clutch 


Photo Credit: Mr. Newton via HarpersBazaar.com

2) Denim Vests

Suggestions: Pair with a lot of bangle bracelets


Available at GypsyWarrior.com, $64.00

3) Athletic Pump Shoes

                  Suggestion: Pair with colorful high waisted skinny jeans 


14277450_121109215803 (1)shoes

      Available at Target, $34.99

        4) Colorful high-waisted jeans

               Suggestion: Pair with plain heals and a large purse


Gojane.com, $40

5) Floral Mesh Maxi Dress

Suggestion: Long necklace and bracelets 


Available at GypsyWarrior.com, $48


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