Forever Young – Celebrity Style

Ever wonder how celebrities stay so young and flawless? Think again, it involves planning, planning, and some more planning.  Here’s some tips below.

  1. Prepare meals on Sunday for the week, which means freezing food and marking it with labels. Eliminate processed foods and keep the fruits and vegetables in eye sight for easy access.
  2. Exercise in-between cooking – get those squats going and arm raisers with dumbells. (Make sure not to forget about the food!)
  3. Walk around in heels around the house and burn up to a 100 calories per mile.
  4. Eat a colorful palette of foods and remember the more colors on the plate, the better.
  5. Incorporate Grape Fruit, a Barbados antioxidant fruit full of Vitamin C that contributes to weight loss, as a daily snack.
  6. Try the The New York Time‘s acclaimed Clean Program, a 21 day program, start the day with a shake, supplements, a list of approved foods, and keep track of the detoxic journey. (Used by Gwyneth Paltrow and Demi Moore)
  7. Reconnect with music and meditate to the sounds of nature at least five minutes before bed. Check out the celebrities striking up yoga poses here. 

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