A ‘Hidden Gem’ in Arizona…


I took a trip to Arizona last week and it was absolutely amazing. I visited Sedona, The Grand Canyon, and Tuscon. One of my favorite ‘hidden gems’ was The Tuscon Mineral and Gem World Store. The worker was originally from Brooklyn and a totally knowledgeable mineral miner. It’s a family owned store, which started in 1968 and continues to wow people until this day.

Each gem and crystal is specifically picked for quality. It describes what features each individual piece is known for. Visit the site to see what I’m talking about. Look here…I’m not kidding.

Many of the New Age and Holistic followers come here to find their perfect stone.  For instance, Emerald is used for both physical and emotional healing. Reiki practitioners often purchase crystals, pendulums, and use them for healing.

Check out this hidden gem if you’re ever in the wild wild west!

Enter the store for more gems..


Goodness greens!

Mixed Greens is home to the salads full of green goodness as soon as you enter. You can easily make your own salad with over 50 toppings including a selection of fresh vegetables, grains, and lean proteins. Don’t worry vegetarians and vegans, we got you covered, make your own meatless and dairy-free salad. The inside is full of bright paintings and plants to go with the main message, “we like greens.”

I ate the ‘The Mediterranean’ salad which is made with mixed greens and plenty of toppings. It has falafels, lemon hummus, tahini, olive tapenade, roasted peppers, greens, and a side pita bread. I paired it with ‘Spinach Lentil’ soup which contains lentils, spinach, carrots, and onions. Grab a juice to go. I loved the fresh squeezed juices and my personal fav was the M.G. loaded with kale, spinach, pear, and a granny smith apple.

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Which foods contain the most iron?

High Iron Green Foods for Vegans and Vegetarians

Iron is an important component to a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. It’s important to make sure you know which greens have the highest amount of iron in them. Iron helps with blood flow and provides you with a sufficient amount of energy; however, if you don’t get enough you can become anemic or lethargic throughout the day. A well balanced lifestyle is the key to longevity. We all have busy schedules, but it’s important to be conscious about what you’re putting into your body.

Here’s a list of high iron green foods. Spinach, swiss chard, seaweed, pak choi, asparagus, arugula, and Kale are the top contenders with the highest amount of iron in each serving. With the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, we can ensure that we are getting the daily requirements for our bodies.

Coconut Greens is a way to make sure you get the extra greens in your diet. One single scoop contains 8-10 servings of greens. You get your essential vitamins and blended veggies in a powder form, which you can easily throw in your smoothie or water. It contains kale, apple, wheatgrass, spirulina, alfalfa herb, spinach, broccoli, and other supergreens. You can stay energized throughout your day with all of the essential minerals and vitamins.

Green Smoothie (Photo credits: Christa Alexis)



Go green and stay ironized!

Organic wines that are totally fine!

Frey Yineyards makes an assortment of organic red and white wines. Each wine contains no sulfites and is totally vegan friendly. Don’t worry it’s also gluten free. Choose from Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Sangiovesen. I am such a lover of white wines, which is why I absolutely loved the Blanc.

I was able to try the 2014 Organic Agriculutrist Blanc and 2015 Organic Pinot Grigio but my favorite was the blanc. It had a light, crisp, and  refreshing taste. I’m thankful and grateful for a semi dry wine that pairs perfectly with any meal.

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Scrambled, what? Scrambled Tofu!

Looking for an easy way to get your protein. Look no further. We got you covered. All you need is a block of tofu (Trader Joe’s), non-dairy milk, flax seeds (grounded) salt, pepper, turmeric, cayenne pepper, vegan cheese, and onions. Pairs perfectly with sauteed spinach, Ozery bakery’s morning rounds, and Freida’s organic polenta.

First, put the block of tofu in a bowl and add about 2 tablespoons of non-dairy milk (I use Califia Farms). Then, add the grounded flax seeds about 1 tablespoon, a dash of salt, pepper, cayenne, and turmeric and two slices of vegan friendly cheese. Chop the onion into small square like pieces, you should use about half of the onion, and then mix it all together.

Heat your pan with drizzled olive oil and then scoop the seasoned tofu into the pan. Mix thoroughly until the onions are translucent and the vegan cheese is fully melted. Getting hungry? You’re almost done. All you have to do now is scoop into your plate.

Made and photographed by Christa Alexis

Vegan friendly products, Lucid Living Co.

Lucid Living Co. is a vegan and cruelty free company based out of New Jersey. With a line of bath bombs, essential oils, soaps, and chap sticks, you’ll find the perfect scent for you. Choose from a variety of aromatherapy oils including Good Night Potion, Wake Me Up Potion, and Aphrodisiac Potion.


My personal favorite is the Good Night potion and you can keep it by your bedside and roll it on before you go to sleep. The potion contains coconut oil, jojoba oil, and a blend of therapeutic essential oils like Chamomile, Lavender, and Sweet Marjoram. Ease your stress; let this oil calm your mind. It’s a soothing sweet treat for all of your senses. Breath in and exhale. Repeat. Zzz Goodnight!

Miss Jones makes bakin’ good

Straight out of San Fran, California Miss Jones Baking Co. brings us organic non-GMO plant based ingredients to make products that taste freakin’ AMAZING. That’s right with a capital A. I tried the brownie mix and I had to stop myself from devouring the entire brownie batter. It was no joke the softest, most scrumptious brownie I’ve ever had. I added some chopped walnuts to add to the crunch factor. The best part is Miss Jones even sent me a spatula to make my mixing even easier and my very own recipes. I’m now one authentic “Baker Babe.”

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Jones has a whole line of baking goodies like sea salt chocolate chip cookies, vanilla and chocolate cake, brownies, frosting, and can’t forget the apparel.  You can tell that each product is made with natural ingredients after the first bite. It taste like a professional baker just whipped up a sweet treat in my kitchen. It’s fresh, pure, and brings you back to your childhood days. Better yet, you won’t feel guilty and it goes easy on the sugar. Locate where you can get your Miss Jones Baking Co. goodies today and if you can’t locate a store near you, order them online. You won’t be disappointed! Christa Alexis approved ❤

Sapo is so so pure!

Sapo Soap Company makes all natural and organic soaps that are great for all skin types. Each product uses only the finest ingredients which are 85% organic ingredients. Get rid of all your other soaps and start investing in a beauty product that serves you and your body. Plus, there is no added chemicals or preservatives to worry about. Sapo is so so pure!

There are different aromas for you to choose from like peppermint, lemongrass, lavender, thyme, and Shea honey. Pick your favorite scent and take a deep breath and relax. The soaps are so smooth and leave your skin feeling silky soft.



Photo credits: Christa Alexis

My favorite one was the Lavender scent. I received a sample pack with Lemongrass Tea, Lavender, and Shea Honey Oatmeal. As soon as I smell lavender, I become relaxed and it causes my mind to really stay in the moment. Watch the video below to learn about all the health benefits that lavender has on your skin!

Special thanks to Sapo Company for sending me the soaps. Much love xo



Bringing It Back To The Oil Days

When you get an infection, your doctor will prescribe you an antibiotic to get rid of the infection. Your body is still affected by the sickness and it lingers deep down inside of you. Essential oils have been used in many cultures since the beginning of time. There is an oil that can be used for specific illnesses like dandruff, cold sores, detoxification, and so on. Be careful, not all oils are 100% pure, but I found a great brand called doTERRA that I would highly recommend.

What is an essential oil?

It’s extracted from the plant and made into different types of oils. You can rub the oil on your skin, smell it for a few seconds, put it in a capsule to swallow, or use a diffuser to get the aroma scent circulating in your room.

How do they work?

They help purify the air and help trigger the root cause of any illness. You can also apply them on your skin if you have eczema or another skin related issue.

My personal favs 

  • Peppermint – helps with breathing and clears out your lungs
  • Lavender – helps you to relax and have a sense of calmness


Vegan Chili Warms The Soul

Made by yours truly Christa Alexis

A perfect dish for a snowy Saturday evening is a bowl of three bean chili. It’s simple to make and will warm your heart. Let’s get to the basics, you know like what you will need to make this vegan chili dish. You’ll need celery, carrots, onion, garlic, vegetable broth, can of tomato sauce, and seasonings (cayenne pepper, salt, pepper, garlic powder, chili powder, paprika).

Once you have all your ingredients, you can start. Get a big deep dish bowl and line the bottom with a touch of olive oil and throw your chopped up garlic cloves in and saute for a few minutes (be careful you don’t want to burn them!) Season with a teaspoon of salt and pepper.

Chop your celery and carrot sticks (you’ll probably need about 4-6 sticks) into small pieces. HINT: The vegetables will cook quicker if they’re chopped into fine pieces but don’t over chop them either. The onion should be cut in the middle first and then horizontally. You want to fill up your entire chopping board with all of your veggies.

Now, throw them in and stir constantly until they are tender. Mix for a few minutes approximately 5 or so. Don’t worry if the veggies aren’t fully cooked yet, the vegetable broth will boil them for you. Add 2 cups of vegetable broth to the pot. Bring them to a slight boil and add a can 28 fl oz of tomato sauce or crushed sauce to the veggies and broth blend. Add your seasonings now, a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, paprika, chili powder, and garlic powder. Mix thoroughly. Cook on high for 5 minutes until it bubbles then add your beans: black, red kidney, and pinto beans.

Cook on a low simmer for 30 minutes and keep stirring. Now, you can eat a delicious vegan friendly hearty meal. I also threw in Trader Joe’s Beefless Ground Meat for extra protein in case you think you already didn’t have enough.

beef2Throw fresh non-dairy mozzarella on top and whole grain scoops on the side, and wah-la you’re ready to eat.made-chili