Icelanders Low Roar releases catchy synth tune “I’ll keep coming.”

Iceland originators Low Roar  ignite their flame with calming melodies over hypnotic vocals for their noteworthy song, “I’ll keep coming.”  It has an intense slow motion buildup for the first three minutes and speeds up like a time travel machine. Low Roar are totally a indie folk rock hip band with an edge from their native land and they’ll “keep coming” out with fresh tracks for sure.

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Move on over…Dolly Moo is here!

Dolly Moo is an independently owned natural and organic company with a variety of skin and body products.  It gets even better all of their products are 100% cruelty free and they have unique scents for everyone. Great for moisturizing dry skin with no added chemicals and simple ingredients.

Find my personal recommendations below.

1) Vanilla oat body dead sea salt scrub 2) Rosehip facial serum 20140405-115104.jpg                                           Vanilla Oat Body                                                (Dead Sea Salt Body Scrubs)

*Leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed with a vanilla scent for a relaxing vibe.

dollymoo1                                       Rosehip Facial Serum                                       (Body Oils)

*Gives your skin a youthful radiant glow to help reduce wrinkles, scars, and red pigmentation.

Be sure to look through their products of dead sea salt scrubs, oils, aura oils, lip balm, butters and salts. They come in several scents including pepperment, lemon, coconut, citrus and many more.  Visit for lovely hand made products!

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Hoodlem releases N*sync mash-up!

Melbourne natives Hoodlem releases a electric-retro remix of Nsync’s world-renowned track “Girlfriend” mixed with Justin Timberlake’s original vocals in his hit single “Senorita.” It’s a girl version feel good taste of the 00′s for a perfect pop unifying hypnotic mash-up cover.

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Start your day with gratitude!

Start your day with gratitude and you’ll see signficant results instantly. Every morning I name what I’m thankful for. Sometimes we forget what’s right in front of us. You’re healthy. You have a home. You have family, friends, and possibly a lover. You’re already wealthier than you think you are. I say my prayers in the morning and at night time to set the mood for the entire day. Count your blessings!

Morning Prayer

Daily gratitude:

  • Health, happiness, and a home
  • Family, friends, boyfriend
  • Car, money, a job
  • Intelligence, joy, and a positive outlook


  • I am confident. I am beautiful. I am intelligent. I am successful.

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Positive Fashion Finds

Watches that help you stay connected with simple designs and logos to remind us to constantly live in the present. Choose from the now, the present, infinity, and eternal moment collections. Wear a bit of positivity on your wrist via



Super Love Tees have a wide variety of t-shirts, tanks, softball baseball tee’s and more with positive sayings like “Good vibe tribe,” “Love is Free,” and “Listen to your soul.”


Follow your intuition ($35)

Soul Loving Jewelry is the perfect place to find stylish handmade bracelets and necklaces that cleanse the chakras. The owner is located in Australia.


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Hoodlem releases first U.S. single “Old Friend”

Electronic-hip-hop-pop Aussie duo Hoodlem releases their first U.S. single “Old Friend” a stylish soulful tune with low and high melodies that keeps you hooked. Full of humming and clapping for a perfect pop song. No wonder this song has gained over 100,000 hits via Soundcloud.

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Pop star Lola Blanc releases “Shangri-La”

Los Angeles pop star Lola Blanc releases her new dazzlin’ dance song “Shangri-La” and it feels like pop heaven! Produced by acclaimed music producer Jon Levin of past artists including Selena Gomez,  Nelly Furtado, and Cher Lloyd.  “Shangri-La” is over a three minute long playful vacation to a “secret place” where “nobody else knows the way.” Blanc will return with an impressionable EP later this year.

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Baby In Vain releases Corny #1


Danish female trio Baby In Vain brings their rockin’ single “Corny #1,” a folk-rock, high strum vocal track that redefines alternative music.  It’s addictive strumming chords adds a definitive pulsating raw rock beat for a totally hardcore guitar solo jam session. Baby In Vain is headed to SXSW this March. Be sure to check them out!

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Fashion favs

Fashion favs of the week!

Whether you want to dress up, dress down, or just lounge around, these are my fashion picks of the week. Style is the way you wear your clothing and how it makes you feel in the moment. My style is undefined since I could be totally retro or urban chic another day…it totally depends on my mood.

Who doesn’t love fries? Better yet fries on a comfy sweatshirt. Perfect for pairing with leggings. Grab an order of fries & you’re set.


Fry Love Sweatshirt, $40 via


You can’t forget your comfy dandelion pants from Gypsy Warrior for only $48 with free shipping! I’m majorly obsessed. Don’t worry if you eat too many donuts. It has an elastic band.


Soar to another galaxy in this intergalatic catsuit. Totally cute for going out or lounging around in for a girl’s night. $110 but you’ll totally stand out. You can buy it at

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Starlight Girls bringin’ retro back

Say hello to Brooklyn band Starlight Girls and take a psychedlic trip back to the retro 60′s with their swinging vocals. Watch the studio session video for Starlight Girls “La La Lune,” its an edgy raw track that shows their authentic love for music.  Check out their La La Lune (Buzzseason) below via The Wild Honey Pie.


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